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Our Products                                                                        
        We offer a wide range of advanced and novel intermediates for your pharmaceutical research and development activities.  Our collection of catalog compounds includes: 
  • New Carboxylic Acids
  • Novel Amines
  • Boronic Acids (Esters)
  • Organic Halides
  • Multi-functional Heterocycles
        If you are interested in receiving a copy of our catalog (electronic file or hard copy), please send us an email to  We will send you the right format as fast as we can. 

        New compounds are added to our catalog frequently, please visit our website often for newest updates. 


Our Featured Compounds

Carboxylic Acids



Boronic Acids 



 Five Member Ring Scaffolds

 Six Member Ring Scaffolds

Fused Ring Systems



Miscellaneous Compounds

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